JCS Modern Day Photography | Senior Photography


Photographing high school Senior's is my all time favorite... 

Being a high school or college graduate is such a great accomplishment and you should be quite proud of this major milestone in your life! Capturing your unique styles and genuine personalities in fun creative ways is what I enjoy the most. 

This is your year! Make it a great one! I can't wait to get to know you and help you capture this exciting time in your life...

Tips for you on your Senior Pictures

* Plan to bring several outfits (Casual & Dressy) and make sure you capture any sports or extra curricular activities that you are involved in. You wont want to forget these special activities.

* Be yourself! Wear outfits that fit your personality, apply your make up normally, guys be freshly shaved. Feel free to bring props but don't go overboard (such as hats, scarves, sporting equipment etc.) Also bring at least one shirt or item that represents your school.

* If you wear glasses you may want to make sure you do a few photos without them or see if your optician will remove the lenses for the photo shoot to avoid glare which is sometime unavoidable and distracting in pictures.

* Try to be relaxed and practice your natural smiles. I will do my best to make this as simple and easy on you as I can. There may be some poses that seem weird or out of place but when you see them you may be like wow that's not what I expected. I may make some stupid comments and try to get that natural smile so beware... 

* Parents sometimes your child may be more comfortable if you are not their for all of their pictures so be sure to talk to them before hand and see what they prefer. Please please please do not take offense if they do not want you to be their sometimes they are more relaxed and open without their parents and I promise you they are in good hands.

* Have Fun! The more fun you have the better your images will be!


Senior Session packages

My Senior Year   $250

* 4 Senior Sessions (two casual, one at your school, and one with cap and gown can be switched around to meet your needs) 

* One location each session 

* 2 Outfit changes for each session

* 20 Downloadable images each session and rights to your images

* USB with images

* 1 Downloadable collage each session 

* Password Protected Gallery

Ultimate Package $175

* 2 Senior Sessions 

* 2 Outfit changes each Session

* One location each session

* 20 Downloadable images each session and rights to your images

* 1 Downloadable Collage each Session

* Password protected Gallery

Classic Package   $125

* 1 Senior Session

* 2 Outfit changes

* One location

*30 Downloadable images with rights to images

* Password Protected Gallery

Basic Package  $75

*  Senior Session

* 1 Outfit

* 20 Downloadable images 

* Password Protected Gallery